The Yolanda Felder  TV Show

The Yolanda Felder TV Show

You are a unique individual and you have purpose, there is a need that only you can fulfill.
Today allow your dreams to be bigger than your fears
your actions louder than your words
and your faith stronger than your feelings!

The Yolanda Felder  TV Show
  • Living in Your Promise Land

    The word of God for your life is Joy Peace and Prosperity!
    Let's begin to live in what in what God has called you to Be!
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  • Enter The Promise Land Pt2

    The word says that the prince of air has blinded the minds of the people! This means that any information that you have received about yourself and the environment around you outside of God is a lie! Let's continue to understand how powerful you truly are!
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  • Enter The Promise Land

    The most powerful thing in all the earth is when man has knowledge of self. All of the earth is groaning and travailing waiting for the Sons of God to get in its position!.If you are not prosperous, you are not in your position. This video series will help you get in alignment, so your environmen...

  • MentalParalysis

    Fear arrives to confirm that you are on the right path, doing exactly what God has called you to do.
    But when you first encounter that feeling, you are not thinking like that. Let me help you stay the course.


    In this episode we exam how the enemy of our soul has been conditioning us to believe we are bound and that freedom comes when Jesus returns for the second time.
    You will be able to shift from bound to free after this video!